Movie Premiere

April 14, 2013


Deutsche Welle is devoted to Wagner anniversary

Berlin (MOZ) Under thunderous applause, on Sunday the opera singer Linda Watson glided formally with a delighted smile to the stage. Only this time it was not one of her performances in a Wagnerian opera, which had the enthusiastic spectators clap loudly in Delphi movie palace in Charlottenburg. Or at least not a live performance. Because Berlin was celebrated in the cinema premiere of the documentary "The Colón Ring - Wagner in Buenos Aires," for, among other things, the renowned opera singer was accompanied by a film crew from Deutsche Welle. (For the whole article click here!)


Linda Watson im Delphi Filmpalast Berlin-Charlottenburg


Roberto Paternostro (Dirigent), Erik Bettermann (Intendant Deutsche Welle), Linda Watson


Linda Watson gibt ein Interview


Bernhard Fleischer (Produzent), Linda Watson, Hans Christoph von Bock (Doku-Filmer), Valentina Carrasco (Opernregisseurin), N.N., N.N., Roberto Paternostro (Dirigent), Cord Garben (Musikal. Bearbeiter), Rolf Rische, N.N.


Schaukasten Delphi Kino mit Blu ray


Roberto Paternostro und Linda Watson geben Autogramme