Turandot, Germany

March 2017


Great success of Puccini's TURANDOT in Düsseldorf, Germany



Huan-Hsiung Li staged his production of Puccini's TURANDOT including perfectly designed costumes.




"The great Linda Watson is allowed to present Turandot with all her wealthy voice colors the dramatic soprano is well known for. Her interpretation is phenomenally."

(Rheinische Post, Armin Kaumanns 6. März 2017)



Linda Watson sings the title role (TURANDOT) with impressive sovereignty. This reminds us of the legendary Birgit Nilsson.

(Rheinische Post, Armin Kaumanns 6. März 2017)


"Celebrated premiere ... audience decided to love this Turandot ... sang by opera star Linda Watson."

(Business-On, Susan Tuchel, 6. März 2017)