The Gambler

October 4, 2017


"The Gambler" by Prokofjew - for the very first time at the Vienna State Opera


Linda Watson creates the role of Babulenka. She is a very rich woman and everbody is concentrating on her money.

The premier evening became a hugh success for Mrs Watson as well as for the director's team an the mostly russian cast.


Stage director Karoline Gruber lead all figures in a very witty way. Lots of funny ideas helped to understand the story even for people who couldn't understand the meaning of the russian text..


"Linda Watson, an amazing appearance on stage, proofed her outstanding position as one of the most sucessful opera singers of our times."

Johannes Marksteiner, Der Neue Merker, 5.10.2017



(left to right: Extra, Misha Didyk, Linda Watson, Elena Guseva, Clemens Unterreiner, Morten Frank Larsen, Extras in the back, Thomas Ebenstein, Elena Maximova)


"A case of her own was Linda Watson as Babulenka. She sang beautiful and was perfect for the role."

Heinrich Schramm-Schiessl, Der Neue Merker, 5.10.2017



(Left to right: Vladimir Potansky, Linda Watson, Raoni Hübner de Barros)


"The audience' love Linda Watson as Babulenka was jutted."

Tiroler Nachrichten, 5.10.2017



Excerps of a backstage documentation: