Walkyrie - NEW

28th of January 2018


Newly Linda Watson is creating the role of Brünnhilde in a very new production of Wagner's Ring.


"The timeless appearance of Linda Watson as Brünnhilde perplexes again and again. That's how you imagine a Valkyrie!

Her strong personality dominates the stage. And vocally she can still draw on the full.

Effortlessly, the calls of the Valkyrie echo in the room, their lyrical phrases sound glorious during the Wotan narrative. And the death announcement with the long bows excited.

In the third act she is a force with her truly dramatic soprano! ".

Johann Schwarz, DER NEUE MERKER 03/2018


The german opera houses of Düsseldorf and Duisburg present a new production of Wagner's tetralogie. Linda Watson who is published in more different Ring recordings than any other Brünnhilde singer will appear in all three parts of Brünnhilde.

"The Walkyrie" will have its pemiere on 28th of January. The conductor will be Axel Kober.

Corby Welch (Sigmund) - Linda Watson (Brünnhilde) - Elisabet Strid (Sieglinde)

Corby Welch (Siegmund), Linda Watson (Brünnhilde), Elisabet Strid (Sieglinde)



"With a lot power in her voice and extraordinary stage appearance Linda Watson presents Brünnhilde. Sometimes combative, sometimes rebelllious, sometimes tender, sometimes compassionate - she offers everything a Walkury fans demands."

Sebastian Jacobs, 29.1.2018





"Linda Watson's Brünnhilde surprises with security in her high notes while singing Hojotoho as well as her fine treatment of her text interpretation."

Christoph Zimmermann, Der Neue Merker, 29th of January 2018



Simon Neal (Wotan) - Linda Watson (Brünnhilde)

Linda Watson (Brünnhilde) with Simon Neal (Wotan)