Huge staging

July 2014



With huge effort the Teatro de la Maestranza presented an incredable Götterdämmerung staging of Roland Olbeter. The conductor was Pedro Halffter.


Linda Watson als Brünnhilde in Sevilla



Linda Watson was perfect especially in her vocal appaerance of Brünnhilde. (...) With her excellent craft she is able to master this demanding role sovereign.



Stefan Vinke - Linda Watson


Ganzola Roldan Erbe:

Absolutely great was Linda Watson as Brünnhilde. Her vocal power and expressiveness is exactly what one can name Bayreuth format. With best pronunciation and immediacy she brought Brünnhilde to life.



Elena Zhidkova - Linda Watson


El Rinconcillo de Rechet:

Such an extraordinary performance is unimaginable without the voice of Linda Watson. Her powerful timbre must be mentioned. Together with partner Elena Zhidkova (Waltraute) she presented a wonderful duet. At the end she sang a spectacular final monologue.


Linda Watson als Brünnhilde in Sevilla