Richard Strauss 2012

Summer 2012

Vienna - Düsseldorf

"Elektra" in Vienna, Austria, and "Die Frau ohne Schatten" in Düsseldorf, Germany

The reviews appreciate Linda Watson's unique interpretation of her latest ELEKTRA and FÄRBERIN


"Being worldwide expierenced as Wagner heroine Linda Watson has not a single problem with Strauss' killing soprano roles. ...her voice flows without fracture in every tone niveau and volume. She never has to force her organ to reach Strauss' highest notes. With a clear metallic sound she manages every psychologic and vocal strenuous effort. She succeeds in showing the emotion and intention of Agamemnons daughter without presenting her as a mad psychopathic personality."

(Sieglinde Pfabigan, DnMerker)

"Linda Watson's Elektra dominates the evening. She emits a natural authority and never acts hysterically but shows the nobility of the king's daughter. ... Her bright high notes and incredible piani crown her distinguished effort which earnd big applause rightly."

(Johann Schwarz, DnMerker)

"Linda Watson with her robust Brünnhilden voice is always demanded here (Vienna State opera) if a real dramatic soprano is needed. She offers an intelligent acting and is able to manage even hardly supernatural vocal requirements."



About the FÄRBERIN:






"Linda Watson's Färberin (see photograph) was a real first class performance. Instead of presenting a Färberin who jangles all the time Linda Watson showed a lonesome and capable of loving woman. Her dramatic soprano glaced confidently above the massive orchestra sound and never lost its beauty and harmony in any pitch of the voice."

"Moreover her text understandability in that complex role (Färberin) was striking; brava!"

(Dirk Altenaer, DnMerker)